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South Florida Seafood Festival/South Beach Seafood Week

Hilton Miami Downtown has your guide to two tasty treats that are sure to tempt any seafood lover’s taste buds!

Shrimp Seafood MealIt’s no secret that Florida has an amazing culinary scene benefiting from everything from different cultural influences to geographical placement. Being a peninsula, fishing is always big business, both for the pros and those just looking for a perfect day out on the water. All year round, you’ll find creatures of the sea dotting the menu items at every restaurant and on the dinner tables of families across the Sunshine State. Yet this fall, a dynamic duo of events will shine an even brighter spotlight on this cuisine and all pescatarians should take notice!

South Florida Seafood Festival

On Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, you will find no better Catch of the Day on any menu throughout the entire Sunshine State then at the South Florida Seafood Festival. Set in the historic Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key (located less than 7 miles away from Hilton Miami Downtown), this two-day festival is a celebration of all things seafood! Formerly known at The Coconut Grove Seafood Festival, the live music will be pumping and the sensational seafood will be ready to be eaten. With over 25 gourmet seafood vendors, you better make sure you come hungry, as all afternoon, you can dine on the freshest fish, lovely lobster rolls, crispy conch fritters and so much more! On top of the food, there will be many more diversions to explore, from fun zones to a nautical market, ensuring every member of the family enjoys their time along the coastline! The festival kicks off each day at 11AM and runs til sundown. General Admission tickets along with Family Packs start at $12 (Kids under 12 do not require a ticket).

South Beach Seafood Week

South Florida’s love of seafood cannot be contained to just a two-day celebration! After a few successful years of the Festival, South Beach Seafood Week was born! This week-long seafood spectacular is a perfect way to honor the start of stone crab season in Miami. After the festival, restaurants in the area will still focus on the creatures from under the sea and a few select establishments will have their own special events! The four special events for 2019 will take place at Joe’s Stone Crab (October 22), Meat Market Miami Beach (October 23), Shore Club (October 24), and Lummus Park (October 25). 

With tamed taste buds and stuffed stomachs, you will want somewhere comfortable to catch some zzzzs after the feasting. The comfortable and modernly-appointed rooms at Hilton Miami Downtown, along with our Downtown location, will ensure a convenient home base for either event. Trust us, you will be as happy as a clam (but not like the ones you might have found on your plate)!

Your Guide to Miami Carnival 2019

From those attending this festival for the first time to the annual patrons of all things Carnival, Hilton Miami Downtown has your guide for 2019!

 What is Miami Carnival? Miami Carnival Parade

Common culture may think of Carnival as the pre-Lent celebration in winter, but for Broward County, Carnival comes each and every October the week before Columbus Day. This year’s celebration of Caribbean culture and heritage, Miami Carnival 2019, officially takes place on Carnival Sunday, October 13. But just as with any celebrated tradition in our amazing city, all of the festive pageantry and vibrant cultural fun cannot be contained to one day! Don’t miss out on a thing this year and follow our guide of the marquee can’t-miss events!

Miami Carnival Panorama

When: Friday, October 11 | Time: 4:00PM – 11:00PM | Where: Central Broward Regional Park

Get ready to relax and just enjoy the cultural sounds of the steelpan! A multitude of musicians will perform some of your favorite songs with an authentic Caribbean flair. Ever the highlight of this annual musical experience through steel is the crowning of the King and Queen Costume Contest winners!

Miami Carnival J’ouvert

When: Saturday, October 12 | Time: 7:00AM – 3:00PM | Where: Central Broward Regional Park

With its roots firmly from the Trinidadian traditional street party of the same name held during the traditional Carnival celebrations, this event is brimming with culture, vibrant music, and of course… mud and paint?! More than 20 bands serenade revelers, or masqueraders who come dressed in clothing that is covered in vibrant colors of paint, dye or mud! It is a traditional airing of grievances in the form of satire, with the colors drenching your clothes acting as those inner demons being released and on display for all to see. Vendors will be selling Caribbean food and drink to keep you fully engaged in the spirit of the event, as you throw off all of your inhibitions, wear your heart on your sleeves, and just have an unforgettable time!

Miami Carnival Parade of Bands

When: Saturday, October 13 | Time: 11:00AM – 11:00PM | Where: Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center

The culmination of the Carnival is the all-day parade, festival, and concert at the county fairgrounds. Over 50,000 patrons are expected to fill the area and enjoy the amazing rhythm and spirit of this cultural celebration. Even if you have no ties to the Caribbean yourself, it will be hard not to feel it in your soul with the cavalcade of sights and sounds continually on display. Remember, this is an all day affair and you will be on de road from sun up to sun down, just as the Carnival comes to a close in true vibrant fashion! This is one of the biggest celebrations of Caribbean culture in our country and the true main event of the entire weekend.

 Yet the celebration doesn’t end here!

Even though these are the official events of Carnival, the cultural vibrancy cannot be contained by them alone. Throughout the weekend, there are a variety of other gatherings, such as those in the Wynwood and Bayfront Park areas. From yacht parties on the water to a post Carnival party after the Parade of Bands is done at the Wynwood Walls (until 3:00AM!!!), you will come to find that this weekend is not a spirit, it is a marathon of cultural celebrations! If you are looking for the perfect place to stay, look no further than Hilton Miami Downtown. Our Downtown property offers spacious and contemporary rooms with modern amenities, while our stellar location offers easy access to all of the Carnival action.

Get Ready to Celebrate Orgullo (Hispanic LGBTQ Pride)

Rainbow flags will be everywhere when the premier celebration of Hispanic LGBTQ pride in Florida returns to Miami for its ninth year!

Hilton Pride LoveIsLoveWhat is Celebrate Orgullo?

As a noun in the Spanish language, Orgullo means self-satisfaction or pride. This fairly common descriptor can also imply vanity and arrogance, just like its English counterpart. But in contemporary culture both orgullo and pride have taken on a new and much more uplifting connotation: Gay Pride! And during our country’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in October, Miami Beach is the place to be to honor the contributions of Hispanic members of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community with a colorful, inclusive celebration of love – Celebrate Orgullo!

The First Event of Its Kind in the US Celebrating Hispanic LGBTQ Pride

Having grown grassroots style since 2011, Celebrate Orgullo is a fifteen day long showcase honoring the cultural contributions of the LGBTQ Hispanic community (October 1 – 15). Many of the celebrations throughout the festival are free and open to the public, with proceeds from the sale of food and beverages benefiting the local LGBT Youth Scholarship Fund as well as programming for the Unity Coalition. The Unity Coalition is a non-profit organization that concentrates on the Leadership, Protection & Promotion of Hispanic LGBTQ rights, the only one of its kind in South Florida. These events consist of:  International Artists Showcase, ArtDiva Bus Tours, Music, Human Rights Conference, Costume Exhibit, and movies nights. Each event will cater around this year’s theme of the Art of Fashion or Arte de la Moda! Check the full schedule for dates and times of all of the events.

Celebrate Diversity, Love, and Orgullo!

If you're planning an Orgullo getaway to Miami Beach there is no better home-away-from-home for you than with us at Hilton Miami Downtown. We’re proud (no pun intended) to help support those joining in this celebration of inclusion with our perfect complement of comfortable accommodations, upscale amenities, and personalized service, all with an authentic South Floridian flair!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Miami!

Hispanic Heritage Month may be an official 30-day observance of culture for our entire country, yet these festivities prove Miami is the best place to celebrate!

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?  Welcome to Little Havana street sign

While the observance has only been official for a few decades, the ever growing Hispanic population in the United States has made these 30 days honoring the culture and contributions of people with ancestry from Spain and Latin America more and more popular throughout our country. Yet Miami has always been at the forefront of these celebrations that start every year on September 15th (the Independence Day for various Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador). Beginning in 1968 as only a week and expanding to a month or 30 days in 1988, this cultural celebration is honored in a myriad of different ways, including right here in Miami.

Visit Little Havana! 

There may be no finer example of a true center of Hispanic culture in Miami than Little Havana. The entire area is full of Latin-influenced restaurants, venues, and shops that all sing out with the voices of those from different backgrounds that have come and put down their roots in The Magic City. The heart of this area, Calle Ocho (or southwest 8th Street) is the perfect place to start your celebrations as you dine on authentic dishes from all over Latin America or take in the local flavor of visiting a true cultural landmark at Domino Park.

Celebrate Orgullo!

Not only just a celebration of Hispanic pride, starting on October 1st and running through the end of Heritage Month (October 15th), the Orgullo Festival celebrates Hispanic LGBTQ Pride. Now in its 9th year, the festivities will focus on Art of Fashion through the artistic mediums of art, music, dance, and film. The full schedule for South Florida’s original Hispanic LGBTQ Pride festival is available which include noteworthy events such as ArteORGULLO (October 3) at Pridelines Miami and the Fashion Gala (October 12) at the FROST Art Museum@FIU

Throughout the 30 days, there are free events throughout Magic City for the entire family to enjoy, including Mall of the Americas Hispanic Heritage Celebration (September 27). Another way to celebrate is by soaking in the culture in the heart of the city with us at Hilton Miami Downtown. Overlooking Biscayne Bay, our upscale accommodations are complemented by fantastic facilities including our rooftop pool and incredible eats from Brisa Bistro, highlighting fusion cuisine that is full of Hispanic influence.

Photo Credit: GMCVB

The 10th Annual Wynwood Octoberfest Brings Munich to Miami!

Break out your best lederhosen and get ready to raise a stein at this signature fall event in Wynwood.

Autumn is coming to Wynwood! Wynwood's Octoberfest

Each year, Miami locals and tourists alike look forward to the beginning of fall, and not only for the ever
so slightly cooler temperatures that begin to settle into the area. Now in its 10th year, the start of
autumn for the area heralds in the three-day extravaganza known as Wynwood Octoberfest! With
an inherent Miami flair running through the event, this celebration fuses our vibrant culture with the
Bavarian roots of the world’s largest beer festival.

This is Octoberfest!

The 10th annual Wynwood Octoberfest will kick off on Friday, September 27th and run through Sunday,
September 29th at the Wynwood Marketplace. While this seasonal spectacle’s main attractions are the
same on each day, the hours of the fest do differ: Friday: 7PM – 2AM | Saturday: 2PM – 2AM | Sunday:
12PM – 8PM. Admission to Octoberfest is FREE for all and will be taking place in a designated half
open/half sheltered area of the Marketplace. This will protect all fest-goers from the elements while still
recreating that authentic Munich beer hall feeling. Yet, throughout both areas, you will enjoy many fall-
inspired activities such as the ever-popular grand photo booth and beer hall, but also pumpkin-themed
everything from food, artisan goods, and photo-ops for your Instagram (including a variety of dog-
inspired activities that will surely make those likes skyrocket).

And yes, we repeat: this is O-C-toberfest!

You may find yourself confused by the spelling of this event, but the Wynwood Octoberfest is every bit
as Bavarian-inspired as any celebration that spells it with a K. The reason for the change is solely
American, but not in honor of the tenth month of the year. The main sponsor for the event is Boston-
headquartered Samuel Adams®, with their OctoberFest brew running in copious amounts throughout
the weekend. Their influence has helped craft this event over the years and one of the best ways to
experience the Fest is with a Beer or Party Pack. Yes, a multitude of the events are FREE to the public, but with a Beer Party Pack ($21), you get a much more immersive experience including a souvenir half-liter stein, a complimentary beer, and an authentic Bavarian hat!

So, get ready to be transported to Munich in body, mind, and soul and enjoy a fun-filled day and evening
at the Wynwood Octoberfest! Then come back, put down your stein, and relax at Hilton Miami
Downtown, conveniently located only a mile away from the Marketplace. No matter how much hoppy
enjoyment you partake in, we offer sophisticated rooms and modern amenities to bring you back from your Bavarian bliss in Magic City style!

Discover Domino Park, Little Havana

You don’t need to know how to play the game to experience the magic of Domino Park!

 A Magical Place in Little Havana! Little Havana Dominoes on a game table

Nobody may know exactly when the first domino game was played in Maximo Gomez Park, but its rich history and continued cultural significance to all of the residents of Little Havana have made it one of the most emblematic places in Miami. Maximo Gomez Park, better known as Domino Park, is located at the corner of 8th Street (Calle Ocho to the locals) and 15th Avenue in Little Havana. The area surrounding this Cuban-American touchstone is a variety of attractions from the Tower Theater to the ever popular Azucar Ice Cream Company (or the Sugar Spot). Both bring a little bit of contemporary flair to the area that is surrounded by a variety of stores and restaurants all dating back to the 1970’s.

Maximo Gomez Park is more than a park!

Named after a revolutionary who fought against the Spanish in Cuba in the early 1900’s, the park continues to be an enduring symbol for the Cuban community in Miami, reflecting not only the culture of their island but their identity as Cuban-Americans. This is especially true for the older local gentlemen, who have mastered the game over the years and gather in the park not only to play, but to share with their friends (and the multitude of tourists who visit) the memories and stories of the island that they left behind. But don’t let this sentiment fool you – they play a mean game of dominoes too!

Domino Park is a meeting place for generations!

It may seem like just a free park, open to the public daily from 9AM – 6PM, where older men play dominoes. But these friends are a family with whom they will share their morning coffee along with their worries and deepest fears to their hopes and greatest of joys! It encapsulates the true heartbeat of Little Havana and the undying Cuban culture that makes the Magic City sing.

Words cannot describe the simple magic of Domino Park – it must be felt (not seen) to be believed! If you plan on experiencing it for yourself, make sure you book a stay with us at Hilton Miami Downtown. We’re conveniently located less than five miles away from all of your Little Havana adventures with our friendly staff always on hand to point you toward other places you won’t want to miss!

Photo Credit: GMCVB

Gear Up for the 2019-2020 Football Season in Miami

Football season is here, which means it’s time to start planning your visit to cheer on the Miami Dolphins!

Football and helmet on fieldNew head coach, a battle for the starting quarterback job, it must be the start of football season in Miami! That makes now the perfect time to start planning your next visit to South Florida to cheer on the Miami Dolphins. As always, the Fins will be playing their home games at Hard Rock Stadium, the recently renovated, multipurpose football stadium with 65,000 seats, including 32 four-seat luxury pods.

2019-2020 Football Season in Miami

When it comes to Dolphins football this year, anything is possible! Many, including the sportsbooks in Las Vegas, may be predicting that the team will have the fewest wins in all of the NFL, but as there are so many new changes to the roster and coaching staff, we have faith in the boys in aqua, orange, and white! Preseason is already underway with the regular season set to kick off on Sunday, September 8th when the Dolphins will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens. Yet for many, the season won’t start until the Fins take on one of their AFC East Rivals and current NFL champions, the New England Patriots, on Sunday, September 15th! Check out the list below for a complete schedule of the Dolphins home games at Hard Rock Stadium this year:

  • September 8th – vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • September 15th – vs. New England Patriots
  • September 29th – vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • October 13th – vs. Washington Redskins
  • November 3rd – vs. New York Jets
  • November 17th – vs. Buffalo Bills
  • December 1st – vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • December 22 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Hard Rock Stadium is Hosting This Season’s Finale!

The Biggest Game in Football is in Miami this year! Yes – even though we can safely say that our beloved Dolphins do not have a good chance of being the first home team to compete in the 54th playing of this championship game, it will take place on February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium. The entire Magic City is already preparing to host the most-watched American football game of the year and all of the supplemental events that take place in the weeks leading up to it. 

It’s always a party in Miami, but this football season will be one for the ages! Whether you plan on attending one game, have season tickets, or have your sights set on that February date, enjoy the comfort of upscale accommodations and top-notch amenities near all of the action at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Located only a short distance away from Hard Rock Stadium, book your stay with us and prove that the teams on the field aren’t the only ones making important plays this season!

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend at the Home Design and Remodeling Show

Summer is coming to a close, making it the perfect time to fall into autumn by changing up your living space for the better. Whether you just need tips on how to declutter your closets or want to do a whole makeover to send off your 2019 in style, now is the time to truly transform your living space from a house or apartment into a home! If you’re looking for some genuine inspiration and guidance, a trip to the Home Design and Remodeling Show will have plenty exhibits, panels, products and professional help to get you started! One Day Pass tickets are available online for $10.00 per adult ($4.00 for children under 11). If you purchase your tickets before the start of the show, you can save $3.00 on each ticket!

Home Design and Remodeling Show Thumbnail_large

For over 40 years, the Home Design & Remodeling Shows have been held at various venues across South Florida. This Labor Day weekend, Florida’s premier home improvement show is back at the Mana Wynwood County Convention Center. From Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2, you will find everything you need to refresh or completely revamp your living quarters. Capturing the unique flavor of South Florida while also highlighting the best-of-the-best in international products, services, and trendsetting ideas, the broad range of exhibitors and vendors will be covering each and every aspect of home remodeling, from security to plumbing to decor!

Stage Events at the Mana Wynwood County Convention Center

On top of the wide range of products and services that are being exhibited throughout the four days of the show, you’ll also get the chance to learn tips and tricks from industry professionals, local contractors, and even celebrity designers and personalities during the stage events. These can’t-miss seminars include:

  • Closet Envy: How To Organize Like The Pros (Saturday, August 31)
    Get tips on which products can help make the most of any size closet from the Closet Queen herself, Beth Levin.
  • Keeping Your Home Safe (Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1)
    Hosted by Jon Douglas Rainey from Discovery Channel’s It Takes a Thief, learn security advice on how to implement safe choices into you daily home routines.
  • One-Day Room Makeovers (Sunday and Monday, September 1 & 2)
    Design expert Martin Amado will reveal how his 3-step method has helped him create dramatic makeovers for his clients all in just one day!

Coming to Miami for the event?

If you need a temporary home during your stay in the Wynwood district of Magic City, Hilton Miami Downtown offers comfortable and convenient accommodations with all of the upscale amenities you need for a memorable Labor Day weekend. Located less than 2 miles away from the Mana Wynwood County Convention Center, book your stay today and get ready to enhance your quality of life through your home!

Spend Labor Day Weekend 2019 In Miami!

With its warm, sunny days and endless opportunities for fun, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to visit Miami!

Hilton Miami Downtown Rooftop Pool at DuskThe temperatures soar and so does the fun – summer in Miami is something everyone should experience! And as the calendar turns to September this year, it also heralds in America’s unofficial ‘end of summer’ holiday: Labor Day! With so many events and activities going on throughout Magic City, we think you should plan to spend Labor Day Weekend 2019 in Miami! From amazing concerts, delicious local eats at discounts or even new decor ideas for fall, you’ll find something for everyone right here.

The Rolling Stones at Hard Rock Stadium

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but this Labor Day weekend, music fans will find it i.possible not to get some Satisfaction when these legendary rockers Paint It Black all over Miami as part of their NO FILTER tour. With Latin Grammy winner Juanes as their opening act, this final stop of their worldwide tour will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, August 31

Home Design & Remodeling Show

Before you hit our area’s many beaches for a little fun in the sun, think about what happens when Labor Day 2019 is over. At the largest home improvement and design event in the southeast, this three-day event will inspire you to fall into autumn with a new and improved home. With seminars, demonstrations, celebrity stages and panels, we promise that all you learn in one day here will last longer than that end-of-summer tan!

Miami Spice

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that this two-month dining promotion takes place annually in August and September. With Labor Day weekend always falling in these months, it is a great time for everyone to get out and try one of Miami’s top restaurants at a discounted price. Participating restaurants, including our own Brisa Bistro, offer three-course, prix-fixe menus for $23 during lunch and $39 during dinner.

Whether you plan on attending one event or wish to spend the whole weekend, you’ll find the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and Sunshine State style at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Kick the weekend off at our 1601 Lounge during Latin Vibe Friday (4PM – 8PM) and be sure to step up to our 7th floor terrace pool for a relaxing end of summer!  Book your room today for a Labor Day weekend that will be exciting, relaxing and, most importantly, fun for everyone.

Florida Track Days - Aug 18 - Homestead Miami Speedway

Get ready to take your motorcycle riding to new levels at Homestead Miami Speedway, August 18th!

Silhouette of man on motorcycle in the sun

Get your motor running and head your bike out on the highway toward the Homestead Miami Speedway this Sunday, August 18, 2019 for this year’s Florida Track Day! Florida Track Days are a special type of Sunday joyride for motorcycle riders. Yet instead of having to worry about speed limits, law enforcement, other automobiles, and long stretches of highway, you get to go full throttle on some of the curviest roads you could ever imagine. This event is structured and overseen by experienced instructors so any rider that can safely maneuver a motorcycle in everyday traffic will be perfectly fine on these fabricated Sunshine State streets!

What You Need to Bring

Any motorcycle that can turn around a corner is eligible to ride on the course. Upon arrival, the instructors will ensure that your bike is prepared, but make sure that any ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) is removed. You will need a leather motorcycle riding suit, but they will be available to rent on-site. It is highly recommended that you preregister ahead of the event date. So…

Before August 18th Arrives…

Make sure you are registered! As with all Florida Track Days, this hybrid of open track and motorcycle school has three groups of riders: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each group rides for 20 minute sessions all day long! Regardless of your amount of riding experience, each new rider to these events should register as a Novice. More information on each group, including the full schedule is available online.

The venue for Miami’s Track Day is Homestead Miami Speedway. Gates open at 7:00AM and it is advised you get to the track as early as possible! If you’re visiting the Miami area for the event, or just want a comfortable place to rest your head after an exhilarating day on the track, book a stay with us at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Our Downtown location makes it easy to get to and from the Speedway, as well as explore many of the Magic City’s top attractions.