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The Historical Journey of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Miami is teeming with endless activity and choices for entertainment ranging from pina coladas on sandy beaches to dancing in one of its various nightclubs. Besides these stimulating venues, Miami has a long history and thriving art culture that is captured in its many museums and gardens.

An example of such a representation of Miami’s historical architecture and legacy is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

The Making of the Vizcaya Museum Vizcaya Museum

Commissioned by a retired millionaire, James Deering, who’s delicate health required a sunny climate, the building of Vizcaya began in 1914 and was not completed until 1922, well after his death.

Surviving several hurricanes and reconstructions, Vizcaya Museum officially opened to the public in 1953 with private tours of the Main House beginning the following year and continuing today.

With its expansive gardens filled with native Floridian flora and its buildings housing works of contemporary art from the 1900s, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a unique blend of European and American styles with a taste of the Miamian. This has made Vizcaya a popular tourist attraction since the 1950s.

Vizcaya and Community Commitment

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens hosts events ranging from traditional fundraising events to the Baynanza Design Contest and Professional Art workshops.

You can decide to tour the Main House and gardens on your own and take in their grandness and beauty or you choose to take one of its popular guided tours, sharing the experience with others and absorbing the history through the informational presentations provided by a tour guide.

To all those who visit these history laden gardens and buildings we wish an enlightening experience and invite you to stay with us at the Miami Hilton Downtown.


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