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Enjoy an Exotic Adventure at Jungle Island in Miami

Jungle Island in Miami

Take a walk on the wild side and explore one of the best zoos in Miami.

Those looking to escape the everyday routine and plunge into a lush jungle full of exotic animal species should pay a visit to Jungle Island in Miami. It’s one of the premier family tourist attractions, and features twin orangutans – a rarity! – as well as an array of exotic birds, seldom-seen species like the liger, white lion, and snow tiger, as well as reptiles, fish, and distinctive jungle plants.

The Only Private Beach in Miami is at Jungle Island

Visitors should especially check out Jungle Island’s Parrot Cove Beach. It’s the only private beach in Miami, and features Florida’s signature sparkling blue waters, pristine white sand, and a water playground called the Rainforest Riptide. Guests should consider exploring Jungle Island’s signature exhibits and attractions during the morning hours, and then take the chance to cool off, splash, and play at Parrot Cove Beach during the hottest part of the day. This beach is exclusive for park guests only.

Lift Off with the Aqua Jet Experience

Jungle Island’s other big draw for guests is the Aqua Jet Experience. Strap one of these “jetpacks and flyboards” onto your back and take off. Soar up to 30 feet above water, and feel the exhilarating power of flight. These futuristic toys can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour, and you can learn to fly with a guide if you’re a first-timer.

Experience all of these exciting attractions and more when you stay with us at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Not only will you and your group be close to the best family attractions in Miami, you’ll also be conveniently close to zoos in Miami such as Jungle Island, which is a great stop for an adventure that will appeal to the whole family. Make your trip to Florida’s largest city one to remember.


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